Um email que nos emocionou | Email that thrilled us

October 23, 2017

[PT] Na semana passada, depois de termos estados nas novas áreas ardidas, recebemos este email que estamos autorizados a partilhar. Este email provém de uma família que foi atingida pelo chamado incêndio de Pedrogão e que tem estado a trabalhar connosco na sua futura casa. Decidimos publicá-lo para reforçar a ideia que a arquitectura pode ajudar qualquer um, mesmo nos piores momentos, a encontrar força e esperança num futuro melhor.

[ENG] Last week, after diving in to new territories of destruction by the fire, we received this refreshing email that we were authorized to share. This email cames from one family that was hit by the so called Pedrogão fire and that has been working with us since then. We publish it to enhance the feeling that architecture may help everyone, even after very hard moments, to find the strength and hope on a better future.

bom dia querida Paula,
yesterday we met your collegues in Figueiro and I just wanted to tell you that we love the plan you made !!
we are so happy that you "girls" are our architects.
beside this yesterday was a very difficult day for us because lots of our friends in the region of
Pedrogao Pequeno lost their gardens and houses in the fire. we only can hope that they will
receive as much help as we did......kindest regards, XXXXXXX