Imagen: Alexandre Esgaio


It is urgent to implement measures that consider:

  • Period extension of highest frequency of public transport to the period between 7 am and 9 pm, without stoping; increasing service, reducing the number of passengers admitted and drawing reference distances between people inside transport and at stops.
  • Crowded sidewalks expansion through the suppression of a car lane or parking lot;
  • Design of new terrace areas for small restaurants or similar establishments with evident difficulty in guaranteeing the physical distance inside, by suppressing parking spaces and marking on the pavement the positioning of tables and the limits of the floor area to be used;
  • Structural bike network proposal that connects the city from the point of view of commuting movements within the city and prioritizes safe bicycle traffic;
  • Slow Streets Plan design, with car traffic reduction or suppression;
  • Free use of all city car parks for residents and short-term parking, in order to guarantee the pedestrianization of the street areas currently reserved for parking;
  • Temporary requisition of urban plots of expectant land for constitution of urban soil pockets for agricultural exploitation;
  • Daily updated mapping of all basic services and public leisure spaces recommended for residents and workers in the city, facilitating dispersion in access and seeking to achieve the principle that any citizen should be within 15 minutes of walking distance from these services.